Fluorite with Quartz Epimorphs from Tombstone Arizona

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Botryoidal Fluorite from Tombstone, Arizona, which is located in Cochise County in the southwestern United States, is a unique form of Fluorite that displays a characteristic botryoidal, or grape-like, texture. Botryoidal Fluorite is a type of mineral growth pattern where individual spherical or nearly spherical aggregates of crystals are densely packed together, resembling a cluster of grapes.

This is usually the second-generation growth of the Fluorite and occasionally the initial generational growth will still be present and is more cubic in appearance. This locale of Fluorite is incredibly difficult to mine making it imperative to use heavier-handed techniques to remove the crystals, causing large specimens to be extremely rare. 

Quartz epimorphs are Quartz crystals that grow on or replace the crystal shape of a different mineral while maintaining the original crystal structure of the replaced mineral. This can occur when Quartz grows over pre-existing mineral crystals, which are then dissolved or altered, leaving behind a Quartz shell or cast that retains the shape and sometimes even the surface texture of the original mineral. The Quartz crystals essentially "mimic" the shape of the original mineral, resulting in a pseudomorph of Quartz after the replaced mineral.

In crystal healing, Fluorite is often used to promote mental clarity, focus, and concentration. It is also believed to help with decision-making and enhance intuition and spiritual awareness. The different colors of Fluorite are said to have specific healing properties, with blue and green Fluorite being associated with communication and emotional balance, while purple Fluorite is associated with spiritual growth and inner peace.

This listing is for one crystal as pictured, please see all photos and videos and feel free to send a message if you have any further questions. I do my best to take photos in lights that are most representative of the crystal but monitor settings may affect the colors of your screen slightly.

All crystals have been hand-selected for quality and aesthetics so you can rest assured that you will receive a beautiful piece.

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