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Amber is not a mineral or crystal but a fossilized resin from ancient coniferous trees, such as pine, that once thrived during prehistoric times. As trees released resin to heal wounds or protect against predators, the sticky sap  sometimes trapped remnants of life from that era. Over eons, this resin hardened and transformed into the radiant gem we know as Amber.

Amber's most famous attribute is its golden to honey-brown hue, but it can also appear in shades of red, green, and even blue. Its transparency, along with the fascinating inclusions of ancient flora and fauna, gives each piece a unique and enthralling character.

Metaphysically, Amber is celebrated for its connection to the sun and its warm, vital energy. It is believed to carry the essence of life force within its glowing depths. Amber is often associated with healing and protection, and its use dates back to ancient civilizations, where it was worn as amulets and charms to ward off negativity and promote vitality.

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