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Tektites & Meteorites

Tektites are small, natural glass objects that are believed to be formed by the impact of a meteorite or comet on the Earth's surface. They are typically dark or black in color, although some tektites can be brown, green, gray and yellow.
Tektites have a unique appearance, with distinctive surface features that are caused by the melting and rapid cooling of the material during their formation. The exact process by which tektites are formed is still a matter of scientific debate, but it is believed that they are created when a large meteorite or comet strikes the Earth's surface, creating a massive explosion that generates a high-velocity shock wave. This shock wave melts and vaporizes the surrounding rock and soil, which then cools rapidly to form the tektite glass.
Tektites are found in many parts of the world, with the largest concentrations being found in Southeast Asia and Australia. They are often named after the regions where they are found, such as Australites, Indochinites, and Moldavites.
Moldavite is a natural glass (tektite) that is thought to have formed in the heat of an asteroid impact in the Czech Republic about 15 million years ago. The perfect stone for bringing transformations and manifestation, it represents the concept of "as above, so below". 

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