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Kyanite, with its striking deep blue color and often elongated blade-like crystals, takes its name from the Greek word "kuanos," meaning deep blue. We now know that the beauty of Kyanite can be found in an array of colors, each iwth its own unique metaphysical properties. 

Blue Kyanite is the most well-known and commonly found variety and is associated with the throat chakra. It encourages clear and honest expression, making it a valuable tool for public speakers, writers, and anyone who needs to articulate their thoughts effectively. This shade of Kyanite promotes a confident and authentic expression of self. 

Green Kyanite is believed to support emotional healing and is associated with the heart chakra. It facilitates the release of emotional blockages and encourages forgiveness and compassion. This variety of Kyanite can aid in spiritual growth and inner exploration, making it a valuable companion for meditation and introspection.

Black Kyanite is associated with the root chakra and is primarily used for grounding and protection. It is believed to help dispel negative energy and promote a sense of stability. It is often used to clear and align the chakras and auric fields. Some practitioners use it as a tool for energy healing and cleansing.

Orange Kyanite is associated with the sacral chakra and is believed to enhance creativity by stimulating the imagination and inspire artistic endeavors. It is thought to help balance and stabilize emotions, particularly in the realm of relationships and personal interactions. Some practitioners associate Orange Kyanite with the sacral chakra's sexual energy and vitality

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