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Samadhi Quartz

Samadhi Quartz is a rare variety of crystal clear quartz found exclusively in high altitudes of the Himalayan Mountains of India. These quartz crystals have been hidden beneath the icy crevices and caverns of the Himalayas for thousands of years. "Samadhi" is a Sanskrit word referring to the highest state of meditation, wherein a person experiences oneness with the divine. The name reflects the origin of these crystals in sacred and ancient lands and their spiritual significance.

Samadhi Quartz is highly valued for its elevating energy and spiritual properties. This quartz variant is said to carry the energetic vibration of the sacred Himalayan mountains, making it an exceptional tool for deep meditation and spiritual attunement. Samadhi Quartz is believed to have a profoundly calming and centering effect, aiding the pursuit of enlightenment and releasing old hindering patterns. It's also thought to assist in opening and activating the crown and higher crown chakras, promoting clarity of mind, improved focus, and a better connection with the higher self and divine.

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