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Fenster Quartz

The Fenster habit of quartz, also known as skeletal or window quartz, is a unique form of quartz crystal that is characterized by its internal structure. The word "Fenster" comes from the German word for "window," which refers to the translucent or transparent areas within the crystal.
The internal structure of the crystal appears to be hollow or empty, with thin, elongated windows or "skeletal" structures running throughout the crystal.
The Fenster habit of quartz is believed to be formed by the rapid growth and subsequent dissolution of certain mineral inclusions within the crystal during its formation. The resulting skeletal structure gives the crystal a unique and striking appearance.
In metaphysical communities, Fenster quartz is believed to have a number of spiritual properties. It is said to enhance spiritual awareness and intuition, and to promote clarity and focus in meditation and other spiritual practices. It is also believed to help release negative energy and emotions, and to promote emotional balance and stability.

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