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Our core belief at The Curious Muse is that spirituality should be an open and free expression of oneself. In keeping with that, we try to provide a wide array of products catering to metaphysical and spiritual needs. We pride ourselves on ethical and sustainable sourcing of all of our items and work diligently to ensure that we do our best to honor the earth and its people. Please contact us with any and all questions, comments or concerns.

Who We Are

The Curious Muse is a passion project for the mother and daughter team, Tasha and Morgan. A quest to discover our ancestral traditions and connect with the Earth and spirituality in a more genuine way led to the kismet opportunity. We want to focus on accessibility, education and exploration of new ideas, practices, and traditions.

What We Do

Tasha and Morgan hand select beautiful crystal and mineral specimens and bring them to you at a price that makes the healing of the Earth accessible to all who seek its wonders. Education and connection across all different belief systems is something that is shown through our wide variety of spiritual and ritual tools. The stock that we carry is ever-changing and ever-growing to include herbal health offerings, incense, crystals of all shapes and sizes, and so much more. We hope that you join us on our journey to explore the vast spectrum of spirituality and stay curious about every wonder around us!