Amethyst Cut Base Geode from Uruguay

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Extra dark purple, A Grade Amethyst Geodes with cut bases to make perfect self-standing displays. 

Amethyst is considered to put out highly soothing vibrations with a strong connection to the third eye chakra. It has a powerful ability to cleanse the aura and provide a protective barrier by amplifying your innate psychic abilities. Its balancing energy helps us to remain in touch with our emotional state, encouraging more mindful reactions.

The Romans believed that Amethyst was created when Amethyste refused the affection of Bacchus. Diana, in an effort to help her remain chaste, transformed her into a shimmering Quartz stone to protect her from Bacchus. Humbled by her commitment to purity, Bacchus poured his wine over the stone as an offering, transforming the stone into the purple crystals we now know as Amethyst.

This listing is for one cut base Amethyst, it will be similar to the photos but note that nature is amazing in all its complexity and uniqueness and as such, each crystal will differ slightly. All crystals have been hand-selected for quality and aesthetics so you can rest assured that you will receive a beautiful piece.

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