Erongo Fluorite with Tourmaline - High Grade

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Green Fluorite cube with Black Tourmaline coating the cluster.

Namibia is known for producing some of the most beautiful and highly sought-after specimens of fluorite in the world. Namibian fluorite is found in the rugged and mountainous Erongo region of the country. The fluorite crystals from this area are known for their distinctive and vibrant colors, which range from deep blues and purples to bright greens and yellows. The crystals often form in clusters or aggregates, and their unique shapes and textures make them highly prized by collectors.

In crystal healing, Fluorite is often used to promote mental clarity, focus, and concentration. It is also believed to help with decision-making and enhance intuition and spiritual awareness. The different colors of fluorite are said to have specific healing properties, with blue and green fluorite being associated with communication and emotional balance, while purple fluorite is associated with spiritual growth and inner peace.

Fluorite and tourmaline are often used together in crystal healing practices, as they are believed to complement each other's properties and enhance their overall healing effects. Together, they are said to have a grounding and stabilizing effect on the mind and body and to help with issues related to anxiety, stress, and emotional balance.

Tourmaline is believed to have protective properties and is often used to shield against negative energies and electromagnetic radiation. It is also said to help with physical issues related to the immune system, the nervous system, and the digestive system.

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